Movingeverywhere Removals Standards

Movingeverywhere standards

Moving home to some is a stressful time, your moving day itself brings a host of worries.  Using a removal company who you can trust is vital.  That is why we have our written standards in place.

The standards for ‘Furniture removal activities’ are designed to protect our customers at every stage of their move, from packing and removals to dealing with disputes.

We have standards in place to ensure you receive a quality service.

  • Our staff are qualified, with experience who are punctual, courteous and honest.
  • We provide written quotations which specify the service to be provided
  • We have suitable vehicles, packaging materials and equipment.
  • We will provide you with the opportunity to check your furniture and effects before the team leave your home.
  • We provide assistance with procedures in the event of loss or damage.

Our house removals reviews from our customer show that the standards we have in place have led to a higher level of customer satisfaction.

You can also see some of our recent removal reviews which have been collected via TrustPilot an independent consumer review website.

We have chosen to adopt these standards by meeting the following requirements.

Professional House Removals Staff

  • Our staff are punctual, honest and polite who are suitablly trained and experienced.
  • On each move there will be a trained team foreman who supervises the packing, collection and delivery of your household effects.  The foreman is responsibe to ensure the move is carried out safely.

Before the move

We will:

  • Provide you with clear details about the services we are providing for your move.
  • A pre-move survey is recommended to accurately assess the volume of your possessions and to assess the access to your property.
  • In the event a pre-move survey is not possible then a self-certification survey must be completed with a full discussion about items to be moved, dismantled and the access.
  • Provide a written quotation, detailing the service, the cost, the declared value of your goods, our Terms & Conditions.
  • Quotation and Move Acceptance – which will form the Move Contract once you have signed and returned back to us.
  • Provide a list of valued items which is required to be completed by you to ensure your professionally packed items are insured up to a declared value.

We will also offer the services to assist with your move:

  • Packing service for fragile/valued items.
  • Supply of packing materials
  • Dismantling/rebuilding service and any other required services to help with your move.

During the move

The removal team will:

  • Follow the agreed move plan as set out on the Quotation Move and Acceptance.
  • Ensure that the vehicle is clean and tidy.
  • Provide protective wrapping to keep your posessions safe.
  • Each vehicle will have blankets, straps and covers to protect your possessions.
  • Use quality packing materials to ensure that all items packed are adequately protected during your move.
  • Upon completion of the move, walk around your home inspecting all furniture.

After the move

We will:

  • Provide a Move Completion Sheet which needs to be signed to confirm packing, loading and delivery has been completed to a satisfactory standard.
  • We will settle any problems amicably without the need for legal proceedings, liasing with the removal company who has completed the move.
  • Inform you of the procedure to follow to make a compenstion claim.
  • 1 week after your move a feedback form will be issued allowing for comments on the service received.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Standards

Why do we have these standards in place?

Not all removal companies have written standards in place to ensure that customer are looked after before, during or after the move.

At Movingeverywhere, we believe that our standards will ensure that the quality assured service you will receive will make your move

Our purpose is to ensure that during the whole move process you are looked after and fully understand what will happen on the day of your move.

We will work to the agreed plan to ensure that your move is completed as per your expectations.

Will I receive a contract?

All our moves require a contract prior to handling of your effects.  This protects you as once the contract has been agreed and confirmed.  This ensures that your removal team will arrive on the agreed move date, unless you change the move date in writing.  This ensures that you do not have to worry about the removal company not turning up.

Will I receive a receipt for my payment?

Payment is due in advance of the move, you will receive a receipt as confirmation of payment via email.

What packing materials are available?

All our packing materials are removals industry quality and fit for purpose.  We can provide you with new packing boxes or recycled packing boxes.

Who will be my point of contact?

You will have your own removals coordinator who will look after all pre-move arrangements, and will also be available either by phone, or in person on the day of the move.  If not in person, then you will be introduced to the team foreman and the movers upon their arrival.

What happens if I am not happy during the move?

Sometimes during a move you may have a query or need to report an issue.  You will need to speak with the team foreman or your removal coordinator who will look to resolve your issues promptly.

How can I leave feedback about our move?

1 week after your move we will issue you with a “house removals feedback form” where you can leave your comments.  There are also many house removal review sites where you can leave a review, we can provide you with a list of the more popular review sites.

Useful Information

Movingeverywhere – 0161 238 8915

Trading Standards

**We have self-certified our standards which we will maintain and monitor on a regular basis for consistent quality standards.


Experience our removals standards


Experience our removals standards