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Let us look after your office move, whilst you focus on your business.  We can help relocate your business with minimum disruption to your working schedule. Whether we move your office after hours or the weekend, we will help plan the best solution to reduce lost hours for your business.

Moving an Office is About Planning

From the initial contact, we will arrange a visit to fully assess your move to ensure that we have a full understanding of your requirements,so together we can plan your move to be as efficient as possible.  During the pre-move stage your Move Manager will ensure that all arrangements are in place – arranging for crates to be delivered for the packing of workstations and offices, vehicle permits are in arranged, start times agreed with an estimated finish time to fit in with your office shut-down schedule.

Packing Crates and Moving equipment

Once the survey is completed, we will provide an estimation of crate numbers along with any other equipment necessary for your office move.  We provide smaller crates for personal effects and larger crates for your PC monitors and base units. All our crates are hired on a weekly basis, with delivery and collection included in the quote.  In addition to crates we also provide monitor covers to protect your screens, bubble wrap to wrap all your PC equipment, keyboard bags, and labels.

During the moving of office equipment it is essential to use the correct lifting gear.  We have a selection of trolleys, skates and cages to efficiently move your items with ease.

Protecting your office

When we arrive we will provide protective covering for door frames, lift entrances and glass doors.  We can also provide covering for new flooring to protect from trolley marks during the moving of crates and office equipment.  We will discuss the protection of the premises

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