Packing and Removals Service

Our packing and removals service are perfect for customers who have busy lifestyles, are busy with other factors of the removals process or just don’t want to put the extra pressure on themselves.

Our house packing and removals service is becoming increasingly commonplace and we see it utilised by many more people. Whether you’re looking for a full packing service, breakables packing services or just a partial packing service, we provide it for a range of budgets and lifestyle.

We know there’s never enough time to do everything, so why put added pressure on yourself during this strenuous time – why not use our removals and packing services for your move?

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Premiere House Packing Service

If you’re look for a top quality service for both packing and unpacking, then ours is right up your street (and right into your new home).

We provide a full packing service, as well as a full removals and unpacking service – taking a lot of the hassle out of moving and removals.

It’s worth mentioning that our unpacking service includes removal of all items from packaging materials and placement of the items onto a flat surface – perfect for you to place and arrange the items into a cupboard afterwards. This part of our packing and removals service requires a flat surface; otherwise the items will be left in boxes to be unpacked at your discretion.

Our removals packing service is charged at an hourly rate and it is dependent on the number of men required and the time it takes them to unpack the items and place them on the flat surface. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your needs regarding our packing and removals service – so please get in touch with us.

House Packing ServiceFull Packing Service

We also provide a full packing service in Manchester and across the UK. As you may well have guessed this involves the packing of your belonging in a professional manner and greatly minimises the risk of damage or problems with your items when moving home.

Our experience in the area of packing and removals packing services in Manchester and the UK means that no items shape, size or type beyond our expert packers and removals specialists. To provide you with peace of mind, our packing service also includes insurance of the items for the duration of the house removal beyond. Our complete packing service is there to provide you with peace of mind, to save you time and energy and to ensure that all your items are packed in the correct manner possible. Please get in touch if you have any queries regarding our full packing service.

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Fragile Packing Service

The fragile packing service is one of the most important that we offer and this is very easy to understand – after all we all have delicate items we love. With our fragile packing service we pack your valuable and fragile items, leaving you to pack the other non-breakables and take care of them yourself. We guarantee that nothing happens in transit after you purchase or fragile packing service and will deliver these items to your door safely and efficiently. Please get in touch if you have any queries about our fragile packing service.

Bespoke Packing Service

Kitchen Packing Service A lot of people have their own needs when it comes to packing and that’s why we also offer a bespoke option for our clients. Whatever you want to pack or whatever area you wish to pack – we will help with. Our bespoke packing service for removals is often used to pack the kitchen – it’s typically the most time consuming area to pack and so people don’t have the time or patience to perform it.

No matter where you choose us to pack for you, it’s worth mentioning that we will pack all the items safely and securely – just leave it to us. Of course, if you want to pack any particular items or have any specific wishes just say – it’s our bespoke packing and removals option after all. No matter what your requirements, we can accommodate them.

Owner Packed Move

Some people like to pack their own items – for financial, control or other reasons it’s perfectly understandable why the mover would like to pack their items. We provide a owner packed professional removal service.

With this service we provide the removals service from point A to point B – though the owner will pack the items. We advise packing a few days in advance. It’s also worth mentioning that we’re more than happy to provide advice on best packing techniques, provide packing materials for those wishing to purchase them and help with anything that’s required. If you have any questions or queries on what’s best or on the sorts of or level of service that’s advised for your home removal, then why not talk to Movingeverywhere’s team of removal coordinators – they’ll be delighted to help you through the process.

Packing Boxes

Packing Services Materials Removals

Good packing is often down to the tools at your disposal and we’re happy to announce that our packing materials and box shop will soon provide you with all the items you need to pack your home’s belongings. We will provide top quality items at affordable prices to help ensure that your goods are packed safely, securely and in the best possible manner.

Boxes for Loan for Home Packing and Removals

If you are performing a packing and removal then you may be interested to know that we provide a box loan service. This service allows you to return the boxes you have initially purchased from us to receive a 30% refund on the original price you paid. In addition, we also provide a box collection service after your home packing and removal and will provide you with a 20% rebate on the original cost of the box.

Your Home Packaging and Removal Needs

We’re here to help accommodate you with the very best in home removals and home packing. We know it’s often hard to trust people with you previous home belongings and that’s why our service is there to win your confidence over from the off.

No matter what you want from your removal, or what way you wish to do it – we’re here to help. That’s why it’s important for you to choose a removals company that you can trust and that works on your terms.

To discuss your House Move and Packing needs please contact us on 0161 238 8915.