Packing and Removals Service

With today’s busy lifestyles, it is becoming more popular with customers to take the House Packing Service when Moving House. Moving can be stressful so why put extra pressure on yourself.? There is never enough time in the day as it is, so why not let us take care of the packing for you, leaving you free to concentrate on other things. We offer several levels of packing, so you can choose the one which best suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Premiere House Packing Service

Our top level service includes both a packing and unpacking service. Not only does this include a full packing service but the movers will also remove all the packing materials. The unpacking service covers unpacking onto a flat service, leaving you to arrange the items into the cupboards after.  If there is insufficient space the boxes will be opened and the contents checked only as our team can only unpack onto a flat service. The unpacking service is charged at an hourly rate and is dependent on the number of men required.  Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

House Packing ServiceFull Packing Service

As the name implies, this entails having all your belongings packed by a professional.  This insures that your goods are packed correctly and minimises risk of damage.  We use a range of packing materials and as experts in this field, can deal with even the most unusually shaped objects.  Once the items have been packed they will then be insured for the duration of the house move. Using the complete packing service not only guarantees that items are correctly packed, giving you peace of mind, but also saves you time and energy.

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Fragile Packing Service

This is one of our most popular packing services.   The customer packs all items which are non-breakable, leaving only those items which are fragile and valuable.  Having these items professionally packed can guarantee that they will not be damaged in transit.

Bespoke Packing Service

Kitchen Packing ServiceIf you would prefer to pack the contents yourself, or partially pack we can cater for this.  More often than not the kitchen is the most time consuming room to pack, with the most amount of fragile items to pack, so our Kitchen Packing Service is perfect if you want to leave us to your kitchen.  Other customers may prefer to pack all the contents themselves.  Whatever your needs, we can accommodate them.

Owner Packed Move

For those with the energy and inclination to pack themselves, please ensure that packing is done prior to the mover’s arrival to ensure that there are no delays. Movingeverywhere recommends that all packing is done several days beforehand. Rushed packing may result in broken items and can also be unnecessarily stressful. If you need any advice about how best to pack items, or wish to purchase packing materials, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are not sure what level of service you require why not talk to your Moving Co-ordinator and they will guide you through the process.

Packing Boxes

Packing Materials

We are pleased to announce that our packing materials and box shop will be available soon.  We will supply all the items you need to pack up your personal effects.

Boxes for Loan

For customers moving within the Manchester we are able to offer a box loan service.  The boxes are purchased from us but once you have finished with them and returned them to us, we offer a 30% refund from the initial cost if they are returned to our warehouse.  We can also collect them for a 20% refund.

Looking After Your Packing Needs

Whatever your needs we can offer a service to accommodate you. Moving can be stressful and at Movingeverywhere we appreciate how hard it is to trust someone else with your household belongings.  That’s why it is important to chose the removals company who you can trust to look after your items.

Please be assured that we will take care of your goods and ensure that moving house is a good experience

To discuss your House Move and Packing needs please contact us on 0161 238 8915.