Furniture Storage in ManchesterFurniture Storage Service

Our storage services in Manchester mean that there are no big issues if your home isn’t ready just yet to move into. We provide a simple storage solution in Manchester meaning you have nothing to worry about whether you’re downsizing or looking for storage services when you awaiting your home’s completion.

No matter what your circumstances are, we’re here to provide you with furniture storage services in Manchester and ensure that your furniture and belongings are taken care of in our local storage facility. We’re here to provide you with the very best Manchester storage service as a part of our comprehensive offerings.

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Need storage in Manchester?

Easy Access to Your Belongings

No matter where you are, where you wish to move your goods to, or where you want to arrange them to be – we can help you.

Our relationship with a variety of local Self Storage Facilities across Manchester and also the UK mean we can make arrangements to store your goods anywhere you wish. We’ll provide all the arrangements, making your removal and storage a lot easier. All we need from you is the price of the deposit and a padlock. You can then access your belongings from the respective self-storage facility whenever you require(deposits and padlock will be required).

Manchester Self Storage

If you’re one of our Manchester house removals customers we’ll be delighted to hear we can store your items in our storage facility within close proximity of your new property or where you currently live. Our Manchester Access storage service options are ideal for customers who require short to medium term storage and may need access to the stored items in the meantime.

Our office, is located within a Storage Depot at The Storeroom in the West of the city and we’re more than delighted to announce our partnership with Britannia Storage in Trafford Park for containerised furniture storage.

Containerised Storage Service

Storage Containers Manchester Containerised storage is a very popular alternative for people who don’t require access to their furniture or goods until it is delivered.

This alternative arrangement is very popular for those looking for a cost effective solution when storing their belongings. The furniture or household items are collected by either a house removals container lorry, or by a traditional removals lorry. They are then stored in a 7ftx5.5ft container. These storage containers are then placed in a secure warehouse until delivery onwards is required.

This is a great low cost way to store your furniture and belongings once there is no need for access to the items. We provide this containerised storage services in Manchester for an array of belongings and our testimonials speak for themselves.

In addition, it’s also worth noting that we can organise for your containerised storage items to be stored at a variety of locations, all across the UK. It’s an ideal solution for storage in Manchester and across the country.

Flexible Storage in Manchester

Location of Storage - Manchester Flexible storage periods are a fantastic liberty and can make removal and storage a whole lot easier. Movingeverywhere provides short term storage in Manchester and beyond as well as long term storage too.

The minimum period for short term storage is 14 days, however if you want to arrange delivery of your belongings earlier than this, then delivery can be arranged. Our short term storage services are top of the class and we aim to make them as flexible as possible for you – so if you have any issues – please get in touch with us.

Location of Storage

Do you require storage elsewhere within the UK? We work with a range of other removal companies and storage companies outside of Manchester and so can provide you with storage locations across the UK.

All of the storage facilities we offer are fully secure and also fully insured(It’s worth mentioning that fire insurance is required for the duration of the storage contract) Prior to completion of the storage contract, you will receive the contact details of the storage accommodation – ensuring you have peace of mind and no worries about your storage.

Out of Storage Delivery to Your New Home

Storage Delivery Manchester

Of course, there’s going to be a time when you want to get your storage items back from the storage company. We’ll help you with this, by negotiating the removal of the items and create a schedule that will fit in with your needs and requirements.

The container or the storage will then be loaded into the vehicle and delivered to your home and unloaded and placed into your new home in accordance with your instruction. Of course, if you have any questions about our Manchester storage delivery to your new home – please get in contact with us.

Please contact us to discuss your Furniture Storage needs. Your Removals Coordinator will be able to offer advice and the best solution for your Furniture Storage.  We can be contacted by either calling us on 0161 238 8915 or complete an online Quote enquiry form.