Why choose a Removals Company who is a Which? Trusted trader

Why choose a Removals Company who is a Which? Trusted trader

Why You Should Move Home With a Which? Trusted trader

Which? is a recognised quality standard within many households in the UK.  They have been testing products and services for almost 60 years.  Which? Trusted traders is an endorsement from Which?  The logo is a sign of trust & reputation; helping the consumer to choose the right trader and providing recognition from traders as deserved.


How does a Removals Company become a Which? Trusted trader?

The applying company must successfully pass an assesment process carried out by a Trading Standards professional.  Endorsment is not given to everyone, just the select companies who pass the assessmentand become a Trusted Removals Company

The process includes:

Credit Check – The company must pass the check to validate the financial health of the the business.

Reference Checking – a selection of up to 10 recent customers will be contacted to confirm the level of service they have received and to ensure that the standards are in place to allow for membership.

Procedures and Policies – all documentation is checked of to ensure all consumers will receive a contract, an invoice and receipt.  The terms & conditions are checked to ensure they are complaint with the Which? Code of Conduct.

Interview with Management – assesment includes a face to face visit and an interview with the owner of the business and any key staff to fully understand how the applicant runs their business.

Results of the Application – the applicant will receive a report, providing feedback and what is required to meet the high standards before endorsement is granted.  Any areas for improvement will be checked to ensure completed.

Successful Completion – once all the checks have been passed and membership has been approved then the applicant may join the scheme, upon agreement to abide by the terms and conditions, code of conduct and paying a monthly membership fee.

An Endorsed member of Which? Trusted traders you may now use the Which? logo and add to your website, stationery, uniforms and vehicles to show your customers that you are now a Trusted Removals Company.

What if there is an issue with the service provided by a member? – as a member we have access to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Service, dispute resolution Ombudsman, so should anything go wrong and you are dissatisfied with the resoultion by the member, then the ADR will step it to try to resolve the issue.  This gives peace of mind for both customer and trader.


How Being A Which? Trusted trader Has Helped Us!

With som many removal companies in Manchester, we found it very difficult to set ourselves apart from the rest.  We wanted to become a member of an organisation who is well known to consumers and after Which? Trusted traders ceased their requirements for new applicants to be members of the British Association of Removers we jumped at the chance of applying for membership.

We applied in January 2016 and became members in February 2016.  We have been proud to be members and mention membership to all our prospective home movers in Manchester.  The vast majority of people have heard of Which? so trust them so being a member means we are associated to an organisation trusted by the nation.

Afterall, in the removals industry without trust then you won’t last long.

“By being a member we have secured house & office moves which I am sure we would not have won had we not joined.”